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Rick Kenny and Tim O’Keefe are trial lawyers and principals of the law firm of Kenny, O’Keefe & Usseglio, P.C. in Hartford, Connecticut and are leading advocates for victims of child sex abuse.

Connecticut Superior Court Judge Denies Summary Judgment in Teen Sex Abuse Case

In a recent Connecticut Superior Court ruling, Judge Patty Jenkins Pittman denied a defendant city’s motion for summary judgment in a teen sex abuse case filed against the City of Waterbury.  The case involved a teenager who claimed that numerous adult males had sexually assaulted him over a number of months.  One of the perpetrators was a police officer employed by the city.  The city sought summary judgment in the case claiming that the police officer was acting outside the scope of his duties when he interacted with the assault victim.  The court denied the city’s motion and held that the police officer, as a “Mandatory Reporter” under Connecticut General Statutes Section 17a-101(b), had a mandatory duty within the scope of his employment with the city to report the sexual assaults to the Connecticut Department of Children and Families.  The case is now going to proceed to a jury trial.

Psychologist Sex Abuse Lawsuit Filed

Hartford, Connecticut crime victim lawyer, Timothy O’Keefe, has filed a lawsuit against a psycho-therapist who engaged in a sexual relationship with one of his patients. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of a woman who was the victim of sexual abuse perpetrated by her male psychologist.

“It is not particularly common for a victim to bring a claim against her therapist in this context because of the victim’s belief that she was a willing participant in the relationship. The inherent imbalance of power in the these relationships, however, always makes it wrong for these relationships to occur. Our client has demonstrated great courage in bringing this matter to the authorities. She now seeks full compensation in this civil lawsuit for her harms and losses.” Timothy O’Keefe, Kenny, O’Keefe & Usseglio, P.C.

Richard Kenny Quoted in the Baltimore Sun

Attorney Richard Kenny was quoted in a recent article in the Baltimore Sun concerning the ongoing sexual abuse investigation of Dr. Nakita Levy at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.  You can link to the article here:,0,17238.story?page=1

Former Middle School Teacher To Be Sentenced In Child Porn Case

The Hartford Courant reports that former middle school teacher in East Hampton is scheduled to plead guilty Monday to one count of receiving child pornography.

Federal authorities have said Richard D. Hendricks, 31, of Ashford used a hidden camera to take inappropriate and potentially obscene photographs of girls at the school where he worked. You can read more about the story here

Former Middle School Teacher To Be Sentenced In Child Porn Case

Additional Charges For Canton Architect Accused Of Sexually Abusing Boy

The Hartford Courant reports that A 76-year-old man arrested in August for allegedly forcing a 13-year-old boy to perform a sexual act is facing new sexual abuse charges. You can read more about the story here: Additional Charges For Canton Architect Accused Of Sexually Abusing Boy.

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